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Hi there! 
I am Clarice, welcome to my humble store! 
Shop Dainty Joy is a new start up that I have decided to invest in after leaving my corporate life for 3 years for family duties and I am thrilled to get back on my feet (semi) to do something for myself. 
I have 2 great kids who participate actively in the videos I take on our instagram & they are my everything. 
Shop Dainty Joy named after me realising that in motherhood, it is all the little joy that matters most. Witnessing the kids' milestones, watching them silly & realising how much they take after you. 
If you are like me, or rather want to have a shot at this.
Grow with me, join me & let's give ourselves another chance to become an 
If you are interested to know more, kindly contact me! 
Telegram: @claricepng 
Instagram: @claricepng
Clarice is the Authorised Distributors for all products sold here! Rest assured on the authenticity of the products and enjoy pampering your skincare at ease!