NEW Naked Blend Enzyme Jelly (BERRIES)
NEW Naked Blend Enzyme Jelly (BERRIES)
NEW Naked Blend Enzyme Jelly (BERRIES)
NEW Naked Blend Enzyme Jelly (BERRIES)
NEW Naked Blend Enzyme Jelly (BERRIES)
NEW Naked Blend Enzyme Jelly (BERRIES)
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NEW Naked Blend Enzyme Jelly (BERRIES)

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✔️ 20g per sachet
✔️ 10 sachets per box
✔️ 100% plant-based natural ingredients
✔️ No chemical additives
✔️ No preservatives
✔️ Vegan friendly
✔️ Keto friendly
✔️ Halal
✔️ Dairy free
✔️ Gluten free
✔️ Refined sugar free

[ Berry Enzyme Cleanse Jelly Benefits ]

✔️ Improve digestion
✔️ Enhance nutrient absorption
✔️ Reduce bloating
✔️ Aid detoxification
✔️ Weight management
✔️ Reduce inflammation
✔️ Strengthen immunity
✔️ Balance body pH level
✔️ Support gut health
✔️ Aid in cells renewal
✔️ Support liver health
✔️ Aid in hormonal balance
✔️ Improve blood circulation
✔️ Support urinary tract health
✔️ Support healthy blood sugar level
✔️ Boost clearer brighter complexion
✔️ Boost energy level and mental clarity
✔️ Remove internal waste to reduce toxic retention

Formulated with Korean patented ingredients, our berry enzyme cleanse jelly is innovatively infused with the extracts of 80 fruits and vegetables.

This unique enzyme blend is fermented using a 3-level fermentation process over 1095 days with natural spring water.

Our potent enzyme formulation improves digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as re-energises your body. It supports the body in its natural detoxification process and enhances your well-being, body and skin.

PRICE IS PRE LAUNCH, will be reverted back to usual price on 1st October 2021!

To achieve the best results of improving digestion and maximising nutrients absorption, we recommend taking one sachet of Enzyme Jelly between 30 minutes before and 2 hours after food.

Otherwise, for detoxification purposes, we recommend consumption before bedtime.

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